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Dan Helmer, by the way, has 2 kids that attend school in Fairfax. I do not know if you should feel happy or not about all of this. I can’t help but wonder about some thing though. I just hope that Dan Helmer isn’t one of those parent activists who’s going to handle him, in Dan’s terms, to bring together with other families that are interested in seeing superior options and solutions – I’m hoping he and others are simply discussing doing what any good parent would do: choosing the greatest school system and then going to work with the school officials to get it done.

I am sure that this sort of thing occurs again and again – you will discover determined and smart very folks who want to produce something different and which are doing the things they can to prevent it. And then there are folks as Dan Helmer who are doing small things like volunteering for PUGS, and who also have school-aged children, but who simply do not do anything much more than that. I wonder what all those other Fairfax parents that are working with him along with each other are doing?

I envisage which if you ask the parents in Fairfax what they are doing to advance the root cause of public education in Virginia, they are going to tell you a lot about what they are doing to try to fight off almost all of these privatizers who are trying to rip out that beautiful public education process that has been developed over many decades, and updating it with some thing even more terrible. Maybe that’s the reason why he wants to be a part of Parents United for Schools which are Great – maybe his kids need an alternative to the Fairfax facilities as a way to get an excellent education!

Does he have any idea about them? There are lots of people in Fairfax that are serious about seeing superior options and solutions for the kids of theirs, and maybe there are a handful of them who want to look for ways to work with various other families, even a loose community of those various other families. What has Dan Helmer done to help support the right of parents to have children who find the way to understand? He is a longtime member of a group known as Parent Power, that had been initially founded in 1999 as a nonprofit that encourages the empowerment of parents through information exchange, advocacy, and https://jewishinsider.com/2024/04/north-virginia-house-primary-dan-helmer-israel-democratic-party/ organizing.

(Parent Power says it really wants to encourage parents and parents as advocates for schools that are public and for the most effective outcomes for their kids and promises it works with parents at the community level on concerns that happen to be crucial to the future results of their kids, ie, public schools.